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Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Cut and Colour From Regis Has Made Me Feel Yummy

Each Saturday I bring you a new beauty, fashion or fitness product/ accessory that I have tried and tested and believe will make you feel a bit more yummy. Well this week I have been to the hairdressers and am feeling much yummier than usual.

A little while ago I helped Regis Hair Salons promote their new face - Emma Willis. In return I have been given a new hair cut and a whole head of highlights plus a wonderful selection of goodies to review.

I had my hair done today at Regis in Torquay by the lovely Kayleigh. I arrived 10 minutes early and was immediately made to feel welcome and comfortable.

When I arrived, I must admit I was looking pretty rough to be honest. Having not had my hair done since the Summer, my roots were about 2-3 inches long (with quite a few gray bits too) and my hair had lost all its shape. It was really long and pretty scraggly hanging below my chest. I did try taking some before pictures but they weren't that good, so you will just have to take my word for it.

I sat down with Kayleigh and discussed what I wanted. Now usually I have a little trim maybe an inch off max but today I felt like a change. After all it had got quite long and straggly and it is Christmas. We settled on losing about 3 inches, having some long layers put through though the back, shaped around my face and a combination of three colours...a light blonde, a mid blonde and a brown.

Kayleigh got to work straight away mixing and preparing foils for my hair. It took over an hour to do as my hair was so long. Then I sat black and relaxed with a coffee while the colour took.  They even gave me a mini mince pie but I brought it home for Poppy. It was nice to have a bit of time to myself and I managed to read a magazine, a rare luxury these days.

The atmosphere was very relaxing and surprisingly quiet for a Saturday. There were only two members of staff working and although they were fully booked and there were a steady stream of customers coming in, it was not as manic as salons usually are on a Saturday. I loved it.

Kayleigh herself was very friendly and chatty. She seemed to understand that I wanted a change and to look like I had had my hair cut but nothing too dramatic. I really liked the result.

All in all I enjoyed a lovely relaxing morning. I felt very pampered and walked out feeling like a new woman.

This is me this evening:

All I need now is a babysitter and somewhere to go!

If you are planning a hair cut soon you might be interested to know that Regis are currently offering customers the opportunity to win a fantastic Canon 550D camera and whole year of hair services . 

The competition is called Locks, Rock and Load. All you need to do is  rock your new look and take a photo, upload it to the site . For more information visit Emma's blog.   I know Im going to be uploading mine..

Will my new hair cut and colour I am feeling much more yummy so go on, why not book yourself in and if you live in the area, I can recommend the Torquay Salon.

Karen x