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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Teething Nightmare and Suspected Measles

Poor little Rosie has not been well at all over the Christmas break. She went away a week and a half ago with 6 teeth but whilst away cut approximately another 6-8. She has had all the usual symptoms....throbbing mouth, temperature, grumpy, tearful, broken sleep, runny nose, a bit of a cough etc..

Then yesterday she developed a rash. It started at my parents house but by the time we arrived home she was completely covered and it was very angry looking. She had been awake almost the whole journey and was very sensitive to the sunlight too. We were pretty worried about her but did the glass test and ruled out meningitis.

She had only been asleep for about half hour when we arrived home and was flat out so we decided to lie her in her cot and see how she was when she woke up. An hour later it had settled and had almost faded away.

She has been off her food for days so we weren't surprised when she ate nothing but she did manage a cup of milk before going to bed. It was another rough night but she slept in this morning so we let her.  However, when she woke up she was once again covered in the very nasty, angry looking rash. We contacted the Doctor immediately and managed to get an appointment for 12.00.

At this point we suspected Measles. For one reason and another she has not yet had her MMR and I panicked. I looked it up on the internet and were pretty convinced that was what it was.

However, by the time we saw the GP the rash had faded again. Although not as angry looking it was still there and he could tell that she was unwell but she looked much better than she had done a few hours previously. She was more alert, wanting to play and had even managed to drink another cup of milk.

The Doctor gave her a full check up and decided against Measles. He suggested it is probably viral but that we need to keep a close eye on her. If it worsens we obviously need to take her back.

Poor little thing. Its tough when your little ones are poorly and she seems to have had a real rough time of it lately. I hope she feels better soon but am so relived it is not measles after all. I will be also chasing them up about her new appointment for the MMR and getting her booked in ASAP.

Karen x