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Friday, 2 December 2011

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Makes Me Feel Yummy

Its Saturday again and time for another beauty, fitness or fashion product to make us Mummy's feel a bit more yummy.

I have been really lucky recently to try some amazing products and this week is no different. For the past month I have been using:

Liz Earle HairCare Products

Delicately wrapped in tissue paper, as all Liz Earle products are, I was excited when these products arrived. I love having long hair and am fussy about the products I use on it. As soon as I opened them I knew they would be special.

The actual packaging looks good and I like the way the shampoo is suitable for all hair types. Derived from natural products and and SLS/ SLES free, it immediatley appealed . 
"Naturally active ingredients include natural vitamin E, west african shea butter to moisturise plus apple and orange extracts to boost shine" 
As with all Liz Earle products, I found a little goes a long way and produces a lovely rich lather, even on my long thick hair. It also has a light, gorgeous scent reminding me of salons and spas. Very nice!

It washes out easily, leaving my hair feeling very clean and fresh.  After using it for a month my hair has a lovely shine to it and I have had none of that feeling of build up you sometimes get.

At only £8 this shampoo is much cheaper than salon prices but gives you the same feeling of luxury. I would definitely recommend.

This product is available for three different hair types - Normal, Fine/Oily and Dry/Damaged.  With coloured hair, I opted for the latter and was really impressed with it. 

Rich and creamy it goes on well, rinses away without leaving any greasy residue and leaves my hair smooth, soft and under control.  

Again you don't need much. I am terrible for using huge amounts of conditioner meaning that it usually runs out long before the shampoo, however with these products I seem to be using around the same amount. That makes such a change.

I have even noticed that I have laid off the hair straighteners a bit more recently, happy with the way it looks after being washed....result.

Again costing only £8 this conditioner is pretty good value for money.

These products score a huge 9/10 from me.

I am a huge fan of Liz Earle products. Excellent quality, they never fail to make me feel special and as though I have enjoyed time at a spa.  You can read previous posts I have recently written about the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloths, Instant Boost Tonic and Active Repair Moisturiser.

If you want to discover more then check out Liz Earle for yourself. 

Karen x