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Friday, 2 December 2011

Poppy's First Parents Evening

We had Poppy's first Parents evening last night and it went really well. They told us Poppy is a pleasure to teach, very clever for her age and that she has settled in easily making friends with all the other children. I am so proud!

Although only three years old, Poppy is in a mixed Preschool and Reception class. It is the first year they have done this and it appears to be working really well. I know Poppy in particular is thriving and learning the foundation skills that will stand her in good stead for when she eventually starts School next year.

The staff have to keep reminding themselves that she is one of the youngest not the eldest. Tall for age, she is pretty confident and will sit and complete a task, seeing it right through to the end. Apparently this is pretty good for her age. The teachers are very aware of not pushing the younger ones whilst at the same time not holding them back either so will work with each child accordingly. I really like their style.

I know everyone thinks their little angels are clever but its nice to be told by others, especially teachers.  I am very lucky that she loves her School. She actually asks to go everyday, practically runs there and doesn't want to come home on the days she has half days. I know that wont last for ever so am enjoying it right now!

It is hard to believe she is growing up so quickly but at the same time she is turning into a lovely little girl and I am very proud of her.

Karen x