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Monday, 12 December 2011

Lose Weight and Stay Healthy With Weetabix

For all of you who have been following my journey with Thinking Slimmer you will know that I have ditched the diet and am purely listening to my slimpods in order to loose weight.

The results have been amazing, I have lost a stone, a dress size and am now eating what the experts say we should....a healthy balanced diet of three meals a day.

For me one of the big differences is I am actually waking up wanting a decent healthy breakfast like cereal.  We all know this is supposed to be the most important meal of the day but I regularly used to skip it.

One of the regular cereals seen at our breakfast tabel is Weetabix. The whole family enjoy it. I wasn't one for giving the little ones baby cereals when they were younger, they enjoyed Weetabix mashed with banana from a very young age. Naturally high in fibre and fortified with iron and vitamins they are perfect for all of us.

Have you tried them warm yet? We have and they are delicious. A great start for the whole family to get started now the mornings are colder.

If you yourself are trying to shape up or lose your Mum Tum then Weetabix is the perfect choice for you too. It provides slow release energy which means you feel fuller for longer so should make it to lunch time without snacking.  It is high in fibre, low in sugar and 2 Weetabix are only 134 calories (excluding milk).

If you need a bit of inspiration with healthy meal planning then check out the new meal plan from Weetabix. It is full of useful tips and advice and if like me you are vegetarian, their are options are available for you too.

Weetabix now comes in a variety of new and exciting flavours, check out the new bite-size chocolate ones below:

We were sent some to try and they are delicious. We don't usually have chocolate cereals in our house so Poppy thought these were a real treat and ate the whole bowl with no fuss! I didn't feel guilty giving them to her either as they have 50% less sugar than other chocolate cereals!

Karen x
For the record we were sent two boxes of regular Weetabix to try with warm milk and 1 box of chocolate Spoonsize to try for the purpose of this post. However, all opinions are my own!