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Friday, 23 December 2011

Stagecoach Education - Project Christmas ipad App

Poppy absolutely adores playing on both her Daddy's and Gramp's ipads. At three and a half years, it amazes me how quick she is on it and how she just seems to know what to do. Was I that quick at this age or is it just that technology is getting easier to use? I don't know but I do know that they have both downloaded various stories and games for her which she loves.

We were therefore thrilled to be approached by Stagecoach Education to trial and review the new project Christmas Application available for £1.49. 

Poppy couldn't wait to use this fun and festive app and quickly got the hang of it. As a parent I am happy to see that while she is having fun she is also learning without even realising it. This app helps develop her skills in drawing, colouring and counting as well as helping her to read and write.  There are 33 pages of activities and Poppy is easily able to move between them.

It involves lots of drawing and colouring actives and I am amazed to see her doing dot to dot exercises too.  She really enjoys it and it keeps her busy for ages.  

Aimed at age 3+ I would say there is lots of room for her to improve and grow.

We give it 9/10 and would definitely recommend to others.

Karen x