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Friday, 16 December 2011

Friday Funny

This week I have had two funny conversations with Poppy that I wanted to record and share with you all.

Conversation One

Poppy has got it into her head that if I am good then Father Christmas will bring me a pink camera and if her Daddy is good he will get  a blue one. I have no idea where she has got this idea from but despite us both telling her that we don't think this is the case, she insists.

Anyway, we were getting ready for bed the other night and we have the same routine every night.

Bath 5.30pm, get into pjs ,come downstairs and have stories cuddled up on the sofa until 6.30pm. Then Poppy goes to the toilet, they both clean their teeth and we go upstairs to bed.

Me "Poppy please can you go for a wee while I give Rosie her medicine, then its teeth and bed"

Poppy "No Mummy, im going to clean my teeth first"

Me "Poppy just do a wee please and then you can both clean your teeth and go to bed"

Poppy "If you talk to me like that again you wont get a pink camera"!!

Such a little Madam!

Conversation Two

The other day Poppy came into the kitchen and asked me if she could have some cartoons on. We had been out for a few hours so I said yes and to get Daddy to put them on for her. He was lying on the sofa after all.

Poppy "Daddy, Mummy says I can have some cartoons on but you need to do it for me?"

Daddy "I don't know where the zapper is"

Poppy "Could you just get your bottom off the sofa please and put the cartoons on?"

I nearly wet myself laughing out in the kitchen and Husband thought I had actually told her to say it, but I hadn't! I might have said something similar in the past about getting his bottom of the sofa though haha.

Little ones are so cheeky.

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Karen x