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Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Little Water Baby Went Off Baths

Rosie has always been a little water baby. In fact she has had a bath almost every night with her Sister since she came out of hospital and took to it like a duck to water.

Then three weeks ago she was teething and had a little bit of a red bottom. All excited as usual she ran up to the bath, peeped in and splashed her hand in the bubbles.  I picked her up to pop her in but "aaaahhhhh" she screamed! She refused to sit down, stood while I washed her and then eagerly clambered out. 

This continued for three days despite her bottom not looking that sore any more. It made me think that perhaps it wasn't her bottom that was the problem but couldn't think what? Had it been too hot another day, did her Sister splash her? I couldn't think of anything!

After that she no longer wanted to get in the bath at all. For a good two weeks she has screamed when I mention the bath, or start getting pyjamas ready etc. I have relaxed and given her a few days off, whilst other days I have just let her stand, cuddled her and washed her and then let her out. I have even tried letting her bath by herself (no big Sister) and bathed with her myself but she still wasn't happy.

I tried to not make a big deal of it, didn't force her to sit but inside I was panicking a little, wondering what I could to make her like the bath again. After all she needs a wash and really doesn't like the shower.

Then two nights ago we had a break through. I was so excited I just had to record this.

She went up to the bath a little nervous but I let her play with the bubbles, scooping them up in my hand and letting her pat my hands, squashing them. I put her Sister in but didn't rush to put Rosie in. She kept tying to splash her Sister so I picked her up and popped her in.

At first she wriggled and squirmed and would not sit. I washed her but didn't rush to get her out. Instead I left her standing, holding on to the handle we have at the side of the bath. I reached for some bath toys on the window sill that she had not seen for a while. All excited she wanted to play with he little boats and animals.

I would not usually let her stand in the bath but didn't want to push her so let her play standing. Eventually she just sat down and played. I was amazed, she looked relieved and I couldn't actually get her out after that, She just kept shaking her head and saying no she didn't want to come out.  She played for 35 minutes!

Last night we had a similar experience. A little nervous and wingy at first she stayed standing but after about 5 minutes she was sat down, splashing around and laughing with her Sister. Again she was not in a hurry to get out and happily played.

Amazing and wonderful to have my little water baby back again.

Karen x