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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Home After Christmas

Well its been a busy few weeks and we have travelled up and down the country to visit relatives over the Christmas period but we are now safely home.

It all started with a three night stay at Butlins in Minehead  where we met Father Christmas, relaxed in the pool, played on the fairground rides and enjoyed some wonderful shows including the pantomime Aladdin. It was hard to write a proper review away from home but now i'm back I will be going through all my video clips and telling you how it went.

Next we travelled up near Nottingham to visit Husbands side of the family. It was lovely to catch up with everyone especially his Sister and her girls. Poppy had great fun playing with her Cousins and we only wished we had seen more of them and didn't live so far away. It was especially lovely to see our little niece too who is now seven months old and we have only seen a few times.

All in all it was a rush getting around everyone but it was great to see them all.

Next we headed down towards the Cotswold's to see my Parents.  It was really good to spend some quality time with them and was a really relaxing Christmas. No stress, no arguments just a lovely, relaxing break. The girls had great fun as they are very close to their Grandparents and I even managed to nip out and treat myself and them to a few things in the sales.

The girls were at a lovely age and thoroughly enjoyed Christmas day. It really was quite magical as Poppy really believed Father Christmas was going to come down the chimney and was so excited about leaving out goodies for him. We left a bottle of beer and a mince pie for Father Christmas plus carrots and milk for the reindeer:

Last year they were a bit overwhelmed by it all but this year even Rosie enjoyed ripping open wrapping paper and playing with the toys hidden inside. Poppy was most excited about her dolls house:

 Whilst Rosie loved this musical set hidden within a drum:

I personally loved these beautiful broider anglais aprons complete with funky cookie cutters and recipe book. I cant wait to get cooking with the girls:

Here are a few more photos of our Christmas:

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I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones too and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Karen x