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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Baby Chicks Go To School

I mentioned in my project 366 post today that Poppy has had some baby chicks in her classroom this week and has been learning all about them. They were only born on Monday so as you can imagine all the children have been very excited and very keen to learn all about them.

Today we were invited to the School to meet them officially and see for ourselves what the children have learnt:

It was very cute, I even got to hold one myself...Butterfly, the most nervous of them all. Rosie has seem them every day but was fascinated when they got them out on the carpet. She kept trying to grab them.

The children told us all about what they had learnt, they had even made special chick masks and wings. Then they did a special song. It was all very cute. Here are a few pictures I took:

It was lovely to see them all so keen and excited.

The chicks go back home tomorrow and are going to live happily ever after in their owners garden.

Karen x