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Monday, 26 March 2012

Thinking Slimmer Whilst Pregnant Update

Having lost a stone and a dress size  with Thinking Slimmer before getting pregnant I wanted to make sure I didn't pile on the weight once pregnant. I therefore spoke with Sandra and we decided I would switch slimpod from the drop 2 Jean sizes to the maintain your weight one - to try and help me stay healthy throughout my pregnancy.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and am feeling great!

I listen to my slimpod approximately 2-3x a week and find it has helped me to:
  • Relax and enjoy a good nights sleep
  • Not slip back into old eating habits
  • Not pile on lots of excess weight not baby/pregnancy related
  • Eat a pretty healthy, sensible diet

This was never about losing weight...that would be both silly and irresponsible,.

I am just trying to  stay as healthy as possible for both my baby and myself. and  wanted to prevent slipping back into old eating habits and piling on excess weight that would be hard to shift once this baby pops out! I must admit, I think I might be on the right track.

This is me today at 23 weeks (I have popped out a bit in the past week):

I think you can see the weight is around my tummy where it should be rather than on my legs and bottom!

I am currently eating 3 meals a day plus one snack around 3pm. I always start the day with cereal and am eating plenty of fresh fruit too. I would be lying if I said I haven't eaten any junk but I have not gone mad. I definitely haven't been eating for two.

I think my slimpod has helped me:

  • Want to eat a well balanced, healthy diet,
  • therefore preventing serious food cravings as not missing valuable nutrients
  • Have little sickness
  • Not pig out or over indulge too much
  • Feel good because I am not putting on huge amounts of weight

I have only had 3 weeks of feeling sick during this pregnancy and during that time did crave a few naughty things like sweets and salt and vinegar crisps. I just went with it though, as was feeling awful. Since those few weeks past though, I have  been feeling really good and have eaten much, much better.

I am definitely not worried about losing the weight afterwards either, I will just switch back to my old slimpod and know I don't need to worry or focus on my diet.  This will be particularly good as I am hoping to breast feed again and don't want to have to watch what I am eating. The slimpod makes you chose healthy options, smaller portions without thinking about it.

I am not weighing myself each week but I know what I weighed at the start and will see what I weigh at the end. I never wanted to become obsessed about weight I said, it was about more than that.

For me Thinking Slimmer is helping me to stay healthy throughout this pregnancy and I am feeling great.

Karen x