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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fun With Friends

This weekend Nicky, one of my very old friends and house mate from Uni came to stay. We haven't seen each other since just before I went to live in Canada almost five years ago but have kept in touch via the phone and emails. 

Obviously since then, a lot has changed, the biggest thing being I am a Mummy now.

Nicky has never met my girls before but they were really excited about meeting her and took to her straight away. She was brilliant with them. Since she has left they have been asking about her non-stop.

We were really lucky the weather was so good, so headed to the beach where we enjoyed a lovely picnic.  Poppy especially loved splashing around in the water and even ended up in her knickers as everything got so wet! Lucky enough Nics had been wearing layers so she leant Poppy her T-shirt which we tied in a knot at the back and I had a pair of clean tights in my bag so she didn't get cold.

We enjoyed a lovely weekend with her which went way to quickly so I wanted to share some photos:

I think Nicky will tell you I haven't changed that much, I might be  a bit older but i'm  just as dizzy. I demonstrated this by showing how:
  • Having sun tan lotion in bag is not good enough, you have to remember to put it on
  • Mums still need to carry wet wipes even when  children are toilet trained, especially at the beach
  • Children need either layers or clean outfits for such trips
It was a good practice run to prepare for a Summer at the Beach.

Now five years is obviously far too long so we have promised not to leave it so long next time.

Karen x