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Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Lovely Afternoon - Bike Rides & Crafty Stuff

As usual Thursday afternoons are special Mummy/Poppy time. Rosie sleeps for a good 3 hours which means Poppy and I get to play and spend some quality time together.

Today we have made the most of the good weather and took the bike out on the hill outside the back of the house. I had the baby monitor with me and could see the front door so knew Rosie was okay:

After that we came in and did some painting. Poppy and her Daddy made a little clay pot the other day and it needed painting so we did that and decorated it with little gems. Poppy had great fun and was thrilled with the result:

Finally we sat back and relaxed. me on my laptop and Poppy on Daddy's ipad ssshhh don't tell him:

Once Rosie got up she joined in and painted her little pot:

And then we all made some cakes:

What a lovely afternoon!

Karen x