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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rosie At 20 Months

Dear Rosie,

At 20 months you really are turning into a proper  little girl and I cant believe how quickly it has happened. I took these photos of you today and really think they capture your personality:

You are a complete cheeky monkey, a bundle of fun and a gorgeous little girly girl. You love dressing up in dresses, tutus, fairly wings and costumes. You love the colour purple and you want to be able to do everything your Sister does and more.

Your speech is amazing and you are turning out to be very polite. For example you say "orange juice please Mummy"already, only you say it  with a very cheeky smile as mostly you get boring old water. You also know loads of colours and can count to 3! Every day you come out with something that surprises Daddy and I.

You absolutely love your food and the amount you eat amazes me. You especially love roast dinners, spicy foods and fresh fruit (mango in particular) but I  don't think there is anything you don't like really (except butternut squash).

You have started to play with your Sister really well. You hold hands and dance together and run up and down the hall together. You jump all over her and roll around in fits of giggles. I really am looking forward to watching you grow up together.

You are cuddly and loveable, gorgeous and sweet and I hope you continue to be as happy as you are right now.

All my love

Mummy x