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Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Week That Was...

Another week has flown by and what a lovely week it has been.

Monday was another usual Monday. Poppy went to School and Rosie and I stayed home. The weather was good so we played outside for a while and then when she napped I went right through cleaning. When Poppy got back from School we played out a bit more and it was a pretty good but quiet day.

Tuesday was a bit mixed. I had a serious wobble in the morning where I was getting really fed up and sore of carrying an increasingly clingy Rosie to School and back. It improved when we went to our usual toddler group in the afternoon though. It was lovely to see the other Mums and have a chat and Rosie was more confident today, joining in with her Sisters activities.

Wednesday, nothing much happened. Poppy went to School, Rosie napped and I actually rested and blogged instead of running around tidying and cleaning. It was lovely.

Thursday - Poppy went to School this morning dressed as a ballerina for World Book Day and then we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at home. We took her balance bike out, then we painted a little clay pot she made with her Daddy at the weekend. We even did some baking.

Friday - Was a lovely day. First we headed off to do our usual music group. One of Poppy's friends from School came for the first time and really enjoyed it. Our really good friends who moved away in the Summer also came which was lovely. Afterwards we went to lunch where we caught up on all the gossip and let the kids run wild before heading off to the park. Great fun. We all really miss them so it was great to catch up.

Saturday - We started the day with a lovely leisurely breakfast in bed. Not quite the same as it would have been pre children but lovely nevertheless:

Then Poppy had her usual ballet lesson. I took both girls and Husband stayed home to tackle the huge ironing pile, he managed to get quite a bit done. This afternoon I had some serious pampering...a pedicure and a back, neck & shoulder massage. Bliss. I was exhausted after that though so had a long bath and early night.

Sunday - I woke up feeling dreadful. We were supposed to be taking the girls to a farm today but it was raining this morning so we decided to go next weekend. Instead we had a very lazy day at home instead with a roast dinner, DVDs and all the toys out.

My week in pictures:

Hope you've all had a good week.

Karen x