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Monday, 19 March 2012

My Week That was....

Wow another week has sped past and we are now half way through March. I know I say it every week but this year is going so quickly.

Monday  - Poppy went off to Preschool today all excited in her new Summer dress. I cant remember much else about this day so it couldn't have been that interesting!

Tuesday - Rosie and I enjoyed a lovely lazy morning at home whilst Poppy was at Preschool. Then we went down to join her for the toddler group where we all enjoyed ourselves. Due to my increasing back ache and struggle with the School run, Poppy had a packed lunch rather than coming home in between. This worked really well.

Wednesday - Still without a car we couldn't do a lot but Rosie and I enjoyed a lovely morning at home. She had me singing and playing, reading stories and helping her dress up.

Thursday - Husband managed to pick the car up today  so we decided to go to my parents tomorrow for the weekend. I was really excited as not seen them in absolutely ages. Poppy and I also made some more of our lovely chocolates and gift wrapped them in a box for Grandma for Mothers Day.

Friday -  We went to our usual music group in the morning which was great fun. Then about 4ish headed off to Nanny and Gramps for the weekend. My Nana was there too so it was a full house but lovely to see everyone.

Saturday - I got to go shopping!! It was lovely. Husband and I got to leave the girls and go into town for  a bit. We had recently been given a bit of money to treat the girls and I also wanted to buy the new baby something. I managed to buy lots including almost matching dresses for all three cute:

They are going to look adorable!

Sunday - was Mothers Day. It was so lovely to spend it with both my Mum and my Nana. Mum was thrilled with her Family photos frame we had made her . She also got sent some yummy Thorntons chocolates  form Find Me A Gift in return for a post I had written about her. We helped make a small dent in the huge box she received.

I was thrilled to receive all of these:

The girls really enjoyed being able to play in Nanny and Gramp's garden and tree house, whilst Husband and I planted a new Plum and apple tree for my parents. They already have a pear tree so it will be lovely when they have grown.

It really  was a relaxing, enjoyable weekend and we  all enjoyed a delicious roast diner before heading back.

A lovely end to the week.

Karen x