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Monday, 5 March 2012

Dear Girls....

Its been a while since I wrote you both a letter and you are growing up so quickly, I thought I had better do it before I forget all the little things you are doing. I think it will be lovely for you to look back on these when you are older and see how much you are loved:

Poppy,  you are turning into a gorgeous little girl who can be very kind natured.  You sing, dance and talk non-stop which can be quite exhausting to watch but I love it. You are still really enjoying your ballet lessons and we read ballerina stories every night. You always tell me you need to practise really hard to be good but you want to be good.

Your imagination seems to be really going wild recently and you always want to play games with us where you can use it. This can be Doctors, Dentists, Hotels, Princesses, bus rides or almost anything. You remind me of me when I was little.

You love your Preschool and your Teachers and seem to be thriving. I have been told that you like to help the little ones a lot. You are also pretty good with Rosie, trying to teach her new things when you can be bothered!

You love being outside in the fresh air but have also recently started to like my laptop. It amazes me how well you can use the mouse and play different games already. I don't like you to be on there all the time so will distract you by letting you out on the tramperline or taking you out on your bike.

You have really got into baking and cooking recently and love making surprises for Daddy. You are getting quite independent and like me to let you get on with it.

Although you do have your moments (and your tantrums,) you are generally pretty good! You are also really looking forward to having a new Brother or Sister.

Rosie, You are changing so much and growing up so quickly, its unbelievable.

At just 20 months you are a gorgeous , cheeky little monkey. Your personality is starting to really shine through and your speech and language are amazing. You have a vocabulary of about 60 words+ and can link two or three words together to make short sentences.  You also understand everything!

Some of the cheeky things you have come out with recently are "Rosie's ready" when I tell you your dinner is not yet ready, it  needs to cool down a bit. and the other day you wanted to play with your little slide and I said in a minute. Instead of waiting you came right up to me, gave me the cutest smile ever and said "pretty please". You were so adorable I let you play with it straight away.

You are also now toilet trained and have even amazed me with how well you have done with it. I would say it took about 2 weeks and you have never had an accident since, even when out. You also take great delight in flushing the toilet and washing your hands. All the other Mums are amazed. You are a clever little girl.

I think you are starting to realise something is going on with me being pregnant. You have become much more clingy and when anyone mentions the word baby you look up your top which is quite cute.  I am finding it quite difficult carrying you though, as you are getting to be a big girl now. You have just had a huge growth spurt and have shot up even taller.  I am going to get some baby books to help explain what is happening.

Talking about books, you love them. At the moment your favourite ones are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Gruffalo. You make me read them again and again but you also enjoy pointing out all the things you recognise like the different types of  food, the woods, woodpecker etc.. You are such a clever girl already!

I am so proud of you both and the little people you are turning into. I am having so much fun watching you grow up. I am also enjoying the bond that is developing between you both and love watching you play together. It is very special and I hope you will always continue to be close.

I love you both very much

Hugs and kisses

Mummy xx