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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Grandmas Come To Stay

Meet Grandma. You might have seen a few of these around already. She is from John Crane and we are taking part in their challenge:

She arrived on Friday afternoon and seems to have settled in well already. She has met the rest of the family and has made herself at home in the dolls house:

On Saturday she took a little trip to Dartmouth. This involved a ferry trip which she was really excited by. She had to be held up by Poppy so she could see everything and didn't want to miss out on anything. She loved all the pretty coloured houses and seeing the swans but didn't like the smell of fish:

She took in the sights and loved the boats, views and the smell of the  flowers. Grandma loves spring time:

Then she went to the park where she joined in with everything. She says the girls make her feel young at heart and had great fun. She almost gave me a heart attack watching her swing really high on the swings and sliding down the slide. She even climbed the climbing frame:

By the afternoon though she was exhausted and had to have a lie down:

I think she is going to like it here and we look forward to sharing lots more photos with you. Look out for her, she might appear in some of my project 366 photos.

For more information about the challenge then check out John Crane on Twitter, Facebook or  their Blog.

Karen x