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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Feeling Pampered On Mothers Day With Lush Products

At 22 weeks pregnant I have been starting to feel a little tired and achy lately so was thrilled when Husband and the girls presented me with this gorgeous range of goodies from Lush for mothers Day:

I couldn't wait to get the girls in bed so I could fill a bath with relaxing bubbles (I know you don't need these but it was extra treat) and picked the gorgeous honey bee bath bomb.  It smelt delicious!

I then  coated my hair in my Marilyn Hair Treatment which I was recently sent to review. This is a gorgeous hair treatment designed for blonde or highlighted hair. You literally cover you hair in it whilst dry, pile it up and sit back for at least 20 minutes....bliss!

Marilyn is my new favourite hair product.  It goes on easily and smells divine. It has a gorgeous citrus scent and leaves my hair feeling oh so soft. The colour is also refreshed and revitalised. I love it!

I have quite long highlighted  hair, past my shoulders and in need of having it coloured again. I find this brings it back to life a bit meaning I can put off having it coloured for a few more weeks.

I coat it on quite generously. I think I will probably get about 4 uses out of the tub, which makes it reasonably priced, definitely worth a try.

I am now smelling gorgeous, my skin feels soft and smooth, my hair feels silky. I am relaxed and pampered and am ready for bed.

Hope you have all enjoyed your Mothers Day too and feel as pampered as me.


Karen x