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Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Top Tips For A Maternity Wardrobe

For me, pregnancy is a time for embracing your changing body and revelling in your femininity.  It is not a time for covering up in huge outfits or wearing black!! You are not are pregnant.

Most of us don't have huge amounts of money to spend on clothes that are going to be warn for such a short length of time. Therefore I have put together my top tips for a maternity wardrobe.

  • Buy a decent pair of jeans that fit from the start. These should carry you all the way through and stretch with your growing body. This time round I brought a pair of gorgeous skinny ones from Next. Don't buy big to grow into or they will always fall down and irritate you.
  • Legging are also great. They can be very comfy and flattering. You can also wear them under dresses. I have these Navy ones.
  • Don't spend a fortune on maternity tops at the start. Until you have a big bump, they can be quite unflattering. Normal stretchy T-shirts can grow with you, be more flattering and can be worn after too.  I have a range of cheap Primark ones in lots of pretty, bright colours. If I mix them with more expensive skirts and trousers they don't look cheap at all
  • For me dresses and skirts are the most comfy but then I have Summer babies so am lucky to be able to get away with them. A good denim skirt would be one of my favourite must haves. It will carry you through all seasons.
  • Get measured and treat yourself to some good fitting maternity underwear. It will make you feel much better about yourself.
  • Recycle - I am lucky enough to have a Sister so we have been able to share our maternity wardrobe and add to it each time. Between us we have had 4 babies and I am now pregnant again so the wardrobe is definitely getting bigger.

So there you go, treat yourself to a few basics and they will see you all the way through. Pretty colours will make you feel feminine and girly and showing the shape of your bump makes you look pregnant rather than fat.

Hope this helps and enjoy your pregnancy, I know I am enjoying mine!

Karen x