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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pink or Blue?.....We Know The Baby's Gender!

Today we had our 20 week scan and I was thrilled to see how much our baby had grown and developed since the last one. Everything appears to be in the right place and developing as it should, which was great to hear and very reassuring.

We were keen to discover our little ones gender but for much of the scan the little monkey had its legs closed. However, just when I was thinking we might not find out today, they gave a big wiggle and we managed to get a a quick glimpse.

So what will it or blue? 

I am not one for keeping secrets so am happy to share the news and am thrilled to announce its another little girl. Poppy is so excited and shouted out loudly "See, I told you it didn't have a willy"! She has been convinced it was a girl all along ha ha.

We are all happy about it as we love girls and pink in this house. At least we know what we are doing with another girl. Husband thinks he's getting away with being able to recycle, clothes and toys so it will be cheaper but he hasn't thought as far ahead as three weddings!

I thought it might be nice for Husband and I to have a boy but I do think for the girls it would be nice to have another Sister. Three girls will be perfect and I hope they will be close.

It was lovely to see her sucking away on her fingers and moving around, she was a bit of a wriggler. It always amazes me how much detail you can see from the four chambers of the heart to her little fingers and toes. So cute. Its all very exciting and I cant wait to buy her a pretty little dress and meet her .

Only another 20 weeks to go!!

Karen x