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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Bump Diary - 22 Weeks Pregnant

Wow 22 weeks already! Where has the time gone?

Weighing almost a pound by now, my baby is about the size of a papaya.

She is also fully formed, looking just like a miniature version of what she will do when we meet her. Her lips, eyelids and eye lashes are more distinct and she's even developing tiny tooth buds under her gums.

and me...I feel absolutely fabulous! I have more energy then I have had in a while, although growing I am not huge and I am able to eat properly again. My skin feels pretty good, only the occasional itchiness, so overall I am feeling great.

I do have a bit of a bump and my boobs are huge but I am smaller than I was with Rosie at this time. I am hoping that this little one will be smaller than the other two but know its unlikely. They were both over due though so hoping this one comes a few weeks early.

I did read something that scared me the other day about how the 3rd labour is supposed to be the worst!!  I had such a horrible time with Rosie that I am terrified about going through it all again, part of me wishes that I could just book in for a caesarian. I have been watching One Born Every Minute but its really not helping....I am really scared!

We have been thinking about names in this house a lot and the girls have been putting in their suggestions. Poppy really likes Jasmine (as in Princess Jasmine from Aladdin), Rosie likes Ella but both really think Apple is a cool name. (for the record we don't). We have therefore nick named her Apple whilst she is in my tummy but this is in no way going to be her real name.

Little Miss Apple was brought her first presents this week:

Both Poppy and Rosie had these little nighties and they are fantastic in the early days. I cant wait to see the new one in hers. The little baby grow is gorgeous soft!

I  went shopping too and treated her to a few things myself . I also brought three lmost matching dresses for all the girls:

I cant wait to get all the pretty little dresses out again. I am so excited. Watch this space to see her little wardrobe grow!

Karen x