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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Celebrating Mum This Mothers Day

Its coming up to Mothers Day and the time we are supposed to recognise and appreciate everything our Mums do for us.

I personally think we take them for granted and don't really appreciate them until we become Mums ourselves. Its not intentional but I don't think you can truly understand what Mums go through, or how much they love/care for you or worry about you until you feel all these emotions yourself. Being a Mum is the best feeling in the world and you would do anything for your child.

I am lucky to have a lovely Mum who is also the most wonderful Nanny. I love seeing her play with my girls and Nephews and know she must have been the same with my Sister and I when we were little.

Growing up, we had our ups and downs like most Mums and teenage girls but since having a family of my own we have an even better/ closer relationship. I know if I ever need her, she will drop everything and do everything she can to help. She is one in a million and I feel very lucky to have her.

So what gifts for Mum  express what you want to say and how on earth do you thank her? Especially when over the years you have done all the chocolates, flowers, photos, handmade gifts etc. Well you could try They have a range of fun and novel gifts to suit every budget.

For me, well I have my ideas but I am going to save it for a surprise.

Love you Mum and thanks for everything.

Karen x

Although this is a sponsored post all the words are my own and I mean everyone of them!