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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Beat Head Lice With Linicin Prevent Spray

Poppy started Preschool in September and one of my biggest worries has been, not that she wouldn't settle, like her teacher or make any friends, no believe it or not, it has been about her catching head lice!!

Honestly, I dread the day when she comes home from School with them and I see them crawling in her beautiful long thick hair. In fact I am itching right now as I write this! Of course it is a fact of life and she is bound to get them at some point isn't she...or is she?

I have recently been sent a preventative pray from Linicin to trial and review:

It costs £7.99 and is available on-line. I have been spraying it daily on her hair and so far so good. 

Basically you spray it onto dry hair every morning before School and it lasts approx 7 hours.  It works by making your hair "undetectable" to head lice. It is a mild and colourless spray with a neutral scent. Very easy to apply, we have now made it part of our morning routine.

I am now feeling hopeful that she might not catch them after all but will keep you updated.

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Karen x