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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Visoanska Skincare - Products For Yummy Mummy's

Okay so it's Saturday again and time for me to unveil another beauty, fashion or fitness tip, product or accessory.  

Like most Mums with 2 young children I am prone to having dark circles under my eyes. I was therefore thrilled to be asked to trial and review this weeks products whose Celebrity fans include Angelina Jolie & Kate Moss. As you would expect with fans like them, these products are outrageously expensive and definitely luxury items.

  • So what are these amazing products? Well they are part of the VISOANSKA range, a luxury skincare line with a well-deserved reputation for its innovative anti-ageing products. These products are so special they have been hand selected by none other than Harrods.
There are 12 products in total and I have been fortunate enough to trial two of them. The Supreme Eye Potion Night and The Hypnotic Eye Potion Day. Together they aim to regenerate, strengthen and purify your skin so I was keen to get started.

Supreme Eye Potion Night

At £102 for 15mls The Supreme Eye Potion Night is not a cheap product and one my Husband tells me I should not get used to. Such a shame really as it is lovely! 

It claims to visibly reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness in just 15 days. I have been using it for about a month now and can seriously say this stuff is fantastic. You only need a little, it goes on easily, absorbs well and instantly cools and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft. 

Having used these two products together, I have written about the results at the end!

So next is the Hypnotic Day Cream which I have been using every morning:

Hypnotic Eye Potion Day

Slightly cheaper at £82 for 15mls this day cream is gorgeous. It has been developed to correct and brighten those under eye circles, give an immediate lift, prevent skin ageing and strengthen the skin against UV rays and pollution.

I really like the way it glides on easily with the applicator pen. A little goes a long way while again it is easily absorbed!

So after using these products for a month do I now look as gorgeous as Angelina and Kate, Well the truth is no but then you didn't expect me to say anything else did you? I can tell you though:

The dark circles under my eyes are now clearer, their puffiness reduced and my small fine lines seem to have reduced too.

I would say that is a great result! 

The only downside to these products are the cost. I appreciate that this range has been developed  in conjunction with the very best French specialists in cosmetology, biotechnology, and dermatology but it also means they are way out of my usual cosmetic budget. 

I would love to make these products part of my beauty regime but sadly I cannot afford or justify the almost £200 price tag! Instead I am going to be terribly upset when my products run out. I do however, feel extremely lucky to have been able to trial them and if I do happen to have a windfall in the future I will be buying them!

Don't forget to come back next week for another fantastic product, guaranteed to make you look and feel more like a Yummy Mummy!

Karen x