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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Plum Helps Bliss Babies

As a Plum Mum I have been asked to help spread the news on a new initiative Plum are undertaking. 

If you yourself buy Plum products for your little ones, chances are that you already know about the good work they are doing in raising money for the premature baby charity Bliss. This Charity does an amazing job helping babies born too soon, too small and too sick! 

I am fortunate enough to have had had two healthy baby girls so cannot imagine what it is like to have  a premature baby but it is reassuring to know that this fantastic charity are doing everything they can to help such poorly children and their families. I am therefore keen to do everything I can to help.

For every special promotional pack sold, Plum are donating 5p to Bliss to help this very deserving and worthwhile cause.

Together with our support, Plum are hoping to raise a huge £30,000 to help give poorly and premature babies the best possible start they possibly can. Every penny counts so please do help!

Plum will also donate another penny for every "like" they receive on facebook. So go on, click on the link. It will be much appreciated.

As a little treat for all of you Mummy's who are currently weaning or thinking about weaning, you might also be interested in this: 

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Karen x