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Friday, 11 November 2011

This Mummy Is Getting A Weekend Off!

You might already know that my gorgeous Sister Not Yet A Yummy Mummy has recently had a little boy. Well I am off to meet him today and of course see my other little Nephew, My Sister and my Brother-In-Law too!

I am very excited and cant wait to have a cuddle of my new little Nephew but I am also looking forward to having a little break too. You see for several reasons, Husband is going to stay home and look after the girls and I am going on my own. I am therefore getting a whole weekend away.

I have not left Rosie over night since she was born and I didn't leave Poppy much before that either so I did have my doubts and feel a little guilty for about oh let me see...two minutes!!

I am going up on the train and going to chill out reading a book and relax with no girls jumping all over me and needing my attention.  I am going to get lots of lovely baby cuddles without the jealous Daughters trying to stop me and I am going to go shopping with my Sister and treat her to a lovely Starbucks! Perfect!!

I cant wait.

I know I will miss both the girls and my gorgeous Husband but am actually looking forward to just worrying about me for a change.

I have left Husband a list with their routine and everything he needs to know (he asked for one as has been away a lot recently) and made sure there is lots of food in and that the house is tidy (not that it will be for long). I have also left Poppy's ballet clothes ready for her lesson.

I am not going to worry about what they are eating, wearing or up to as I am sure it will be different to what I give or do with them.

I hope they all have a lovely weekend and enjoy lots of Daddy/Daughter time and I will see them on Sunday all refreshed after a weekend away.

It was very sad saying goodbye, especially because Poppy cried but now I am going to settle back, relax and enjoy!

Karen x