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Monday, 28 November 2011

The House Of Death!

I wanted to give a little update as I have not blogged for a few days and that is very unusual for me.

Its been a tough five days with the girls both poorly, Rosie with croup and Poppy with a nasty virus. Husband and I have not been feeling great either, a mixture of living with the germs and broken sleep (we are so not good without our sleep). All in all, not a great weekend :-(

However, we are hoping we are turning a corner. Rosie has taken her last dose of steroids today. Although still not feeling great, her cough has turned from a barking seal into a more normal chesty sounding one. Fingers crossed it disappears altogether soon.

Poppy seemed better today so has gone off to School. I assume I would have heard if she had gone downhill again so she must be okay.

The nights have been the worst for us. Both girls have been coughing so much they have woken themselves up and then started crying. They both like their sleep so have struggled with the continuous waking. Poppy in particular gets in a bit of a state and Rosie has just needed to be upright a lot of the night. Her cot has been propped right up but after a coughing fit she just needs to be sat right up.  Exhausting for all of us.

Thanks for all the tips via twitter, I have used them all.

Its tough when your little ones are ill, I really hope mine get better soon.

Karen x