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Monday, 21 November 2011

Thinking Slimmer Really Has Changed my Life

I wanted to update you on my Thinking Slimmer journey and what a journey it has been.

I started back in June as a size 12/14. Although not obese I was definitely a lot heavier then I wanted to be and my body was a different shape to my pre pregnancy one. I wasn't happy with the way I looked! Using the chocoholic cure and drop a dress size slimpods, I did really well and lost inches, toned up and dropped down to a size 12 however, I didn't actually lose much weight.

Then Husband was off for 6 weeks over the summer. We went away and I accidentally left my ipod at home which is where it all went wrong. I stopped listening, ate junk food and 6 weeks later I had put on over a stone and was back in my size 14 clothes. Feeling huge and miserable. No longer feeling pretty in dresses I began living in my jeans.

I spoke to Sandra early in September and she recommended switching to the Drop Two Jean Sizes Slimpod, which I did and I have not looked back since. In fact in the first week I lost 8 pounds!

It does sound a bit of a cliche but now I can say that Thinking Slimmer has really changed my life.

I honestly do not feel the need to diet to any more and I am actually quite happy with the way I look right now. Okay so I could still do with still losing about a stone and toning up a bit but I feel pretty good and am not worrying or obsessing about it.

Nowadays I am even out of my jeans again. I have actually started to wear dresses with boots, a look I really wanted to wear back in September but felt far too fat to carry off:

Me, Nov 2011
With two young girls I was aware that I did not want my erratic and obsessive diet habits to be picked up by them. I myself suffered from anorexia when I was younger and have never been happy with my figure since. Although that was all a long time ago, I have continued to have issues with food and definitely don't want history repeating itself with my daughters. I therefore jumped at the chance of trialling slimpods and am so glad I did. There is no looking back for me now....I am never going to diet again!

Since September I have so far lost one jean/ dress size and about a stone in weight with no dieting, no restricting myself and no cravings at all.  I am confident with the changes I have noticed, that I will be able to drop another jean size soon.

So what changes have I noticed? Well first of all I am eating 3 balanced meals a day and not really snacking at all. If I do snack it will usually be on fruit. My portions are smaller now too and I don't always finish what's on my plate either. I definitely don't go back for more. All of these changes are making me feel healthier than I have in a long time.

Weird things I have noticed include:
  • I no longer look at a chocolate muffin and think yummy, In fact they tend to make me feel a bit sick, I am much more likely to opt for a skinny blueberry one now if I decide to indulge at all.
  • I am not drinking much alcohol. Not that I was a big drinker but I did usually have a bit of wine at the weekend. I have not brought a bottle for ages and cannot remember the last time I drank any.
  • I am buying things in my weekly shopping that I never would have before like Ryvita, Philadelphia light and yoghurt (not just the kids ones).
So how does it work? Well you literally download a slimpod or order a CD. I have mine on my ipod and literally listen to it before I go to sleep each night. To be honest I listen to the drop two Jean sizes, chocoholic cure and the relaxation bonus tracks each night so its about 30 mins but I  fall asleep so quickly (another bonus of slimpods) that I never get to the end. Apparently your ears never stop hearing and  it must be true because it is working. I have not done anything else!

I wanted to mention the Chocoholic cure in particular. This slimpod is really amazing and works so quickly. I was a complete chocoholic when I started this. When I wasn't eating it because of some silly diet, I was craving it daily and talking about it on twitter. After just 6 days of listening to it, I did not need or even fancy chocolate any more. It was amazing. In fact  these days I can take it or leave it now. I rarely eat it, never crave it and if I do have some, I can stop after just a nibble! That would have been unheard of before.

Basically I eat whatever I fancy and as much as I want, the only difference is I tend to fancy things that are good for me now and want smaller quantities! I am eating a healthy, balanced diet which is what we all know we should do and is the most sensible and safest way to lose weight.

The only thing I have not got back into yet and wish I would, is the exercise. In the Summer I was doing an hour a day but I have just not been able to get back into it. I know I should do and that I will feel even better if I do but I have lost the motivation. I am hoping that it is going to return though..

All in all I am loving the effects off my slimpods. This is a life changing experience and I want to say a huge thank you to Thinking Slimmer who have given me the opportunity to trial them. I am not going to forget to take them anywhere again, they really have changed my way of thinking around food and my life!

Karen x