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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Gallery - The Kitchen

The kitchen in the house we live in right now is not my dream kitchen. In fact it is far from it.You see this is not our home. Due to my Husband's job we have to move every two years and the houses come with the job.

I absolutely hate the colour green and this kitchen has green worktops, green in some of the floor tiles and even a green oven! Yuck! In addition, the cupboards are far too dark for my liking.

However, this is also the room where the girls and I create magical moments. Apart from being the pace we prepare and eat our meals, it is also the place where we are let loose making all sorts of cakes, muffins and cookies:

And its the place where we can be found glueing, sticking, colouring and painting!

Whilst enjoying these activities I find Poppy opens up and tells me everything she has been doing at School and what all the other children are like. 

Our kitchen is a place where we are busy. Sometimes you will find us concentrating very hard, whilst at other times we are relaxed, having fun and laughing. You will often find us talking and baking or in the girls case licking the wooden spoon!

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Karen x