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Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Lovely Family Morning

As a family we love nothing more than being outdoors. Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer it doesn't matter, we just dress accordingly and get out there and have fun.

Today while the chicken and potatoes were in the oven roasting nicely we all wrapped up and went out for a lovely walk.

We discovered lots of snails much to the amusement of little Poppy, she was fascinated with them:

A little baby one, complete with snail trail

Poppy was very proud to spot it

A slightly larger one

Poppy talking to one

"come on little snail, say hello"

Next we went to the park, it was pretty muddy but the girls had great fun and didn't seem too bothered:

Fun on the swings

Climbing high


Having fun

Finally we had a good run around on the field chasing each other and looking for more creatures and fairys. We didn't spot either but had fun trying!

No fairies here!

Not found anything but having fun trying

"What are we looking for again?"

Nothing here
No creatures here, just leaves
We didn't find any fairies but we did spot some of these:

All in all a lovely morning. We then came back to get the vegetables on and then all warmed up with a delicious roast dinner.

I love Sundays, perfect family days.

Karen x