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Friday, 4 November 2011

Dear Girls.....,

At 3 and a bit and 16 months you girls are growing up so fast, I felt I ought to record a few things that you are doing at the moment before I forget.

Poppy - you have come on in leaps and bounds since starting Preschool and are thriving. I am told that you are doing very well and are a pleasure to teach. I am very proud of you! Apparently you are wanting to try to do all the things the older children are doing like learning to read and write and you are very patient and tolerant with some of the slower or grumpier children.

The first I can believe. You can almost write your name..its just the Y you find difficult and you have realised that you can learn to read. You are constantly identifying letters and recognising familiar words like Poppy, Mummy or Peppa (as in Peppa pig). The second I was quite surprised at though, despite being very patient and kind you can be less than tolerant of your younger Sister. You need to be a bit calmer around her and less of the grabbing her round the neck and falling on her please, you are much bigger and heavier than her.

You really are a gorgeous little girl though and despite going through periods of testing the boundaries and some teenager type behaviours, I do think we are lucky. You really are a well behaved little girl most of the time.

Just one thing though please, you seem to have developed a habit of getting up for a wee several times a night most nights and its killing me! Please go back to sleeping all night undisturbed I know you can do it!

Rosie - you are growing up far too quickly its scary. No longer my baby you really are turning into a little girl. You happily toddle and run everywhere now and love wearing your shoes to do it.

A gorgeous, smiley, happy girl most of the time but you have a very cheeky/ naughty side to your personality. I could do with eyes in the back of my head.  You constantly climb on furniture to get to things you shouldn't be able to. Last night for example, you managed to get the liquid soap off the sink, unscrew the lid and taste it before I noticed. You weren't impressed though and I don't think you will do it again in a hurry. You were nearly sick!

You have really developed an interest in books this month and I love it when you climb onto my lap with a book and settle back for a cuddle and a story. Your vocabulary is developing really well too, in fact I have lost count of how many words you can say. You have been able to say "Mummy", "Daddy" and "Poppy" since about 8 months but now you can say your name and things like "rabbit", "boat", "fish". You also know that dogs go "woof", sheep go "baaa" and cows go "moo" (although you whisper them) and are recognising colours too. You can say "purple" and "pink" very clearly and always get these two right. So cute!

You have switched from two naps to one long afternoon one now and are coping well. You love your cot and never fuss when I put you in it which is nice.

So my gorgeous girls, Mummy wants you to know that she loves you both very much. You both have very different personalities but I am enjoying watching you grow and develop.

Here are a few pics I have taken of you both today, Rosie you are hiding behind a blanket in the last one. You kept running away and it was hard to get photos of you:

All my Love

Mummy x