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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ive Been Cooking - Using World Foods Fusion of Flavours Chilli Coconut Marinade

Having recently been tweeting about meals I have been cooking for the family, I got tweeting with @fusiontasteteam who offered to send us something new to try. All excited I jumped at the chance. After all, although I do cook for my family, its pretty basic and far from exotic, so I could do with a bit of inspiration.

I was really excited to be sent a chilli coconut marinade to try. We love a bit of chilli in this house and I love anything with a hint of coconut so was keen to try it. However, with Husband away I decided to wait until he came back.

Well I have used it twice now and it is delicious, we would definitely buy again.

This sauce is both suitable for vegetarians and vegans too and being vegetarian myself I used it the first time round to make a delicious vegetarian stir fry.  I marinated Quorn chunks for 3o minutes and then stir fried it adding mushroom, onions, red & yellow peppers, carrots, peas and noodles. I also added a little more of the marinade to make a bit of a sauce. 

The result was delicious and went down well with the whole family:


I am vegetarian but the family are not so I used the rest of it to marinate some chicken and make some delicious chicken wraps with. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos but they enjoyed it and didn't leave a scrap.

If you are looking for some inspiration yourself check out World Foods Fusion of Flavours yourself.

Karen x

Please note, although we were sent a jar of this marinade to try for free,  I was not asked to write this post. We just loved it so much we wanted to share!