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Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday MUMenTUM Update

I was really pleased this week to discover I had not put on any weight, I have just stayed the same which is quite a miracle really considering what I have eaten this past week

Halloween set me back a bit.  I brought some lollipops and chocolate buttons but no children came! I don't really give my children those sorts of things yet so I kind of ate most of them (Husband had a few and Poppy had some buttons)...whoops!

Then Husband went shopping and brought crusty bread. Having not eaten bread in ages I rediscovered how yummy it is and had several bits over the weekend. Oh and not forgetting the delicious carrot cake I made with my daughter, I had a few slices of that too!

This morning I was very nervous about stepping on the scales and oh so relieved to discover I hadn't put on. I can only think that it is down to my Thinking Slimmer Slimpods. Although I had a few naughty things, I am not binging at all. A mini packet of buttons or two and a lollipop was a perfect treat where as in the past they wouldn't have lasted five minutes!

Now all the treats are gone I wont be getting any more in so hopefully next week I will have lost a  few pounds!

Looking forward to seeing  how well you have all been doing!

Karen x