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Friday, 18 November 2011

Lush Lip Scrub And Lip Tints Will Make You Feel Yummy

Each Saturday I bring you a new Beauty, fitness or fashion product that I believe will help us Mummy's look and feel a bit more yummy. The last few weeks I have reviewed a few expensive products so this week I bring you something must cheaper but still gorgeous.

This weeks products are Lush Pow Wow Lip Scrub and the new Celebrate Lip Tint.

Pow Wow lip scrub is available for £4.75.

I must admit this product looks very green and wasn't that appealing to me. You might appreciate I am a bit of a girly girl who loves all things pink and sparkly.  I actually thought this scrub would taste horrible but was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted of sweets, I guess that is the magic of the popping candy. Okay I know you are not supposed to eat it but I personally cant help but lick my lips. 

To use this product, you simply take a small amount and apply to your lips in a circular motion. Together the sugar and popping candy work together to gently scrub the lips while the organic jojoba oil soothes away any redness and soreness. I must admit, it is lovely. You can actually feel it working.....scrubbing away your dry skin, it leaves them all flake free and smooth. 

If you want to try it, you need to be quick though as it is a festive limited edition lip scrub so wont be around long.  

Once you have scrubbed away all the dryness you are ready to add a hint of colour whilst moisturising at the same time. There are three new ones to try but I trialled the Celebrate lip tint:

Available for £4.75, it comes in a tiny tin. It looks very nice and immediately appealed. A pretty pale pastel pink, topped off with popping candy. Very nice, smells good and very me!

Ingredients include almond, jojoba and camellia oils which all help soften and add shine to your now gorgeous looking lips. It tastes nice too... apparently of pink champagne! Very sweet and yummy..

Anyway, I have only been using these products this week but my lips are already feeling gorgeous: very smooth, moisturised and a pretty pink colour!

I would give these products a huge 9/10 and recommend to all.

I will be back next week with a new treat for you. Don't forget to leave me your tips below.

Karen x