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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Disney Fairies Guide To Autumn

Being a very girly household, we are huge fans of fairies so were thrilled to be approached by Disney to help promote their new Fairies Guide to Autumn.

Now that the weather has started to change it is so easy to stay wrapped up inside but that's no good for anyone. I say wrap up warm, put on your boots, coats, hats and scarf's and get outside!

We are often seen jumping in puddles or huge piles of leaves and riding our bikes but what else is there to do in the Autumn? 

Apparently I am not the only Mum to struggle with ideas? But don't worry Disney and their little fairies have come to the rescue. Apparently fairies love this time of year and want to share the magic of Autumn with you.

Disney Fairies have therefore teamed up with nature enthusiast Ellie Harrison and come up with the Disney Fairies Guide To Autumn. This guide is packed full of ideas to inspire you as well as offer lots of nature facts, tips and activities guaranteed to keep you busy this Autumn.

There are two guides you can download for ideas in a rural and urban environment, so you can find ideas suitable for your family and local area.

We cant wait to get out and about and try to:

Spot animals and birds
Discover and identify seeds and nuts
Make decorations out of pressed leaves and glitter
Experiment with grass and make sounds by blowing it
Make a rain Gauge
Make little boats to float on the river

These are just a few ideas, there are lots more to try. While you are out and about see if you can spot a fairy too.

The best time to spot a fairy is when each season turns, as this is when they are busiest. Autumn is perfect

They are very small but if you can hear little bells tinkling then chances are one is near. Get your little ones to try, apparently children are more prone to finding them!

Have fun this season, it really is a beautiful time of year!

Karen x