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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Bump Diary - 18 Weeks

My baby and my bump are growing and now at eighteen weeks the little one is approximately the size of a sweet potato:

That's around 12cm long from crown to rump and weighing approximately 190g.

My body is definitely changing now, much to the amusement of my eldest Poppy. She keeps poking me in the tummy and saying "you've got a little bump" or "you've got a baby in there".  More annoyingly she pokes me in the chest and tells me "you've got boobies"! Its like she has never noticed them before but now she cannot miss them....they are huge!!

Overall I am feeling much better. The queasiness has gone and I am even managing to stay up later in the evening. That horrible taste has also gone thank goodness. It really wasn't nice.

I wouldn't say I am blooming or glowing yet but I am definitely feeling much better so am much happier about that.

On Friday I was lucky enough to hear the baby's heart beat for he first time. I went to the appointment alone whilst Husband stayed and looked after the girls...they get really bored otherwise. I came over all emotional though and wished husband was there. It was so lovely to hear. Very loud and strong and the midwife found it straight away.

I still cannot believe we are having another one really. Poppy is very excited and keeps coming out with new names, Rosie keeps telling me she is a baby and I am starting to get worried about the whole giving birth thing again and how tired I am going to be. Husband is just pretty happy and starting to think we might need a new car!

All in all a happy week.

Karen x