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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Bump Diary - 15 Weeks

Wow, 15 weeks already. The weeks are flying past.

Luckily for me I am feeling pretty good. Still a little tired and the odd queasy day but generally pretty good.

Apparently my baby is now the size of an orange and almost the length of a Kit Kat finger. It really is growing quickly.

Baby's legs are now longer than its arms and it is moving around a lot more. I can well believe this is true because I can feel him or her wriggling around lots, which is kind of nice and very reassuring.

My tummy is starting to sprout a little now. If you didn't know you wouldn't assume I was pregnant but Husband and I can tell. I have tried to weigh myself but the scales are broken so I have no idea how much weight I have put on but to be honest I wouldn't have thought it was that much.

I must admit I have had two weeks where I haven't eaten quite as well as I was.  I have put this down to the queasiness and wanting to graze on carby things like bread. I am trying to eat little and often and am eating lots of  fresh fruit and some yoghurt too but am not craving anything in particular. 

I have had a little indigestion this week, something I didn't get with the girls (maybe a boy?). I've also noticed my tastes have changed too. Baby doesn't really like curry, cheese and onion crisps or vegetables (except sweetcorn) but it does like salt and vinegar crisps, Haribo and fresh fruit!

All in all, I am pretty well and cant wait to my 20 week scan on 6th March. We are hoping to discover the gender then exciting!

Karen x