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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ballet Shoes and Tutus, A Treat For Us Parents

It was Poppy's last ballet lesson before the Summer this morning.  Usually all the parents have to wait outside the door. Its a wooden door with glass panels and we all huddle around trying to peer in and catch a little glimpse of our little princesses. However, for the last lesson of the term we are treated to a mini show and are allowed to sit in and watch.

I now understand why we usually have to wait outside.  All the children kept turning to their parents to wave and smile or say "look at me", "look what I can do" instead of concentrating. It was very cute though and they looked adorable...a vision of pink, fluffy girlyness, just gorgeous!

I for one am very proud of my little ballerina.  She may not be perfect but she listens to her teacher, concentrates hard and does what she is told. Ballet is therefore great for discipline and is good exercise for her too. Its only a half hour lesson but she runs, hops, skips and gallops as well as doing her pilates and stretching exercises.

Because we are usually outside, we can see them but don't know what they have been asked to do.  I was thrilled to discover that the teacher gets them to really use their imaginations and join in.  They act out being fairies, princesses and dolls coming alive as they step out of magic doors.  My little one has a fantastic imagination and I know she loves this sort of thing.

I leave you with a few pictures of my budding ballerina and her friends who look like aliens thanks to my first attempt at distorting photos:

Practising at home


Such a cutie

The whole group, Poppy is in the middle looking directly at the camera
That's it until September for now but I ma sure she will be practising at home.

Karen x