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Friday, 29 July 2011

Playing Mummy, She Thinks Ironing Is Fun!

After blogging about how much I wanted to be a toy tester here, I think Helen over at The Crazy Kitchen took pity on me and kindly decided to share some of her luck and work load by asking my little girls and I to help her out with this another Toys R Us Toyology review and do a guest post. We were of course delighted to be able to help.

We were asked to review this Casdon ironing set which includes an adjustable Beldray ironing board with storage tray, a Morphy Richards Iron and a clothes horse with 4 clothes hangers. Its aimed at children ages 3-8 years and is available in-store at Toys R Us for a very reasonable £20.

The girls had great fun unwrapping the package when it arrived and Poppy in particular was very impressed. She couldn't wait to start playing at "being Mummy".  This surprised me at first considering Daddy does all the ironing in our house but never mind!  

I went to find some of Rosie's old clothes and she quickly set up this game where she washes the clothes in her washing machine (not included), hangs them on the line to dry and then irons them.  The whole process takes approximately two minutes and she plays it about 100 times a day! I am actually amazed at how much she enjoys it and how busy it keeps her.

Here's a little video clip we have done for you:

The actual board is quite sturdy and adjusts to three different heights.  Its great and she loves it so that's all that matters. The iron doesn't actually do anything. It is not an all singing all dancing one that takes batteries and lights up or make noises but to be honest Mummy quite likes that and Poppy doesn't seem to worry. The only problems she has, is her younger Sister keeps knocking over her clothes horse but this is just a side effect of having a Sister. We give it a massive 8/10 and would definitely recommend it as a great gift for little ones.

Karen x