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Friday, 1 July 2011

Review of New Plum Breakfast Pouches

Rosie was one this week and apart from one weekend when we went off to a Wedding she has never had any pre-prepared baby food.  On that one occasion we used Plum and Ellas Kitchen and I blogged about it here.

However, when approached by Plum to try out some new breakfast cereals, I decided why not?  I mentioned my daughters age and told them that she eats a variety of food and they sent a goody box full of all sorts of pouches and snacks.  It will take us a while to get through them but watch this space for more reviews.

For those of you that follow me on twitter, you will know that Rosie has been teething for the past few days and has been really suffering.  It has really affected her appetite meaning she has eaten very little for three days now, which is most unlike her.  For that reason I decided to try out a breakfast pouch this morning.

We tried the Banana, Apricot & Oaty Porridge which will retail for £0.99. This is actually a stage 1 and up food but for a teething Daughter I thought it might appeal. 

Usually one for feeding herself and not eating anything I feed her, little Rosie loved it and ate the lot. She happily kept opening her mouth for more and was actually licking her lips. I also gave it the quality control test and decided it tasted of a fruity rice pudding. but had the texture of a puree. As she is that bit older I gave her some chopped fruit too just to make sure she was full.

Come lunch time, I put a sandwich in front of her with some raspberries and blueberries.  Usually she would happily munch away but today she nibbled at a bit of the fruit before crying.  I decided her teeth must still be playing up so I offered her the other baby cereal. I thought it might be a little more filling then the fruit pouches or just yougart!

This one was Prune, Peach and Baby Rice and will also retail for £0.99. We kind of skipped the baby rice stage when weening Rosie, instead opting to try pureed fruits first quickly followed with baby led weening. I therefore wasn't quite sure what Rosie would make of this. She did pull a funny face at first but quickly opened her mouth for more.  I tasted it and it is a little sharper but does not taste unpleasant. Again she ate the lot!  I  gave her a fromage frais to accompany it but she didn't want anything else.

So there you have it, two new breakfast cereals coming soon in pouch form. Rosie tried and tested them and thought they were great, especially on a day when she found it difficult to eat due to sore and sensitive gums.

Mums will be happy knowing there is no junk in them and will like the fact that there is no fuss or mess.  You just screw the lid off and feed it to your little one from a spoon, or you can stand the pouch in some warm water to heat it up  a little if they prefer. Handy for taking out and about.

I am not going to stop cooking for my little one or anything but I would have no issues with giving her Plum baby foods again  if away on holiday or something! We would give these particular pouches a score of 9/10.

Thanks for looking and hope your little ones enjoy them.

Karen x

For the record I was given the two Plum breakfast pouches to try but all opinions are my own!