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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Trust Me To Test Your Toys!

Hi my name is Karen and I really really would like our family to become toy testers!

I made it to the top 25 to become a Toys R Us Toyologist but unfortunately not the top 10.  You can check out my review here:

Then I entered and won a competition to become a Toyologist for a day with Jenny aka Edspire. You can see my review here:

Here is another review I did just for fun:

I discovered recently that I have missed the opportunity to apply to review toys with the fabulous Toyjeanius and Letterbox. How frustrating! I don't understand how I missed them as I was following them both on Twitter and am on there daily. I could kick myself.

If any companies out there would like me to review toys for them I would be really happy to.  I am very keen and enthusiastic.  I also have two beautiful girls who love playing as well as being photographed and videoed which always helps. You can contact me on:

 wouldliketobeayummymummy at gmail dot com

If you happen to be a blogger just passing, who knows of companies looking then please do give me a nudge in the right direction! I just don't know how I keep missing them all.

Many thanks

Karen x