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Monday, 11 July 2011

MUMenTum - Week 10

Hello again ladies,

This week has been a great week for me.  As you know I have been sponsored to trial the Thinking Slimmer Slimpods and have actually completed the first 21 days.  I didn't want this weeks post to be just all about that so you can read about my experience here in my review.

So where am I up to with my weight loss?  Annoyingly I have misplaced my measurements page but I can tell you when I measured yesterday I have lost another inch from around my waist.  That is without dieting at all. I am very chuffed! I can also see a noticeable difference around my chin...yes my double chin has gone! In fact all over, I am feeling like I am on my way to dropping  a dress size which is what I wanted to do.

Now I do not claim to be obese or anything.  Its just since having a baby my whole shape changed.  I am back to my pre-pregnancy size 12 but seem to be fatter than usual and of course everything is that bit softer too.  With the use of my Ab toning belt, cross trainer and exercise DVD's I am starting to shape up and feel good about myself again. I am not quite bikini ready but am hoping to get there.

Last week I wrote that I wanted to do exercise 6 days per week.  I used my ab toning belt daily but only managed three times on the cross trainer. However, I said I wanted to drink fruit tea and lots of water too.  This I have managed to do.

Then of course is the Zaggora hotpants...yes its very exciting they are here at last.  They claim that you can drop two dress sizes in two weeks. Although I do not need to lose that much I am going to give them a good try and see what happens. This week I am going to wear them every day and aim to do a minimum of half an hours exercise a day in them. Apparently this is like doing a work out double that! That has got to be good.

So here is a photo of my bottom this week as taken by Poppy:

My Big Bottom

I am hoping in a few weeks time it will look more like this:

Zaggora Models bottom

I will also continue with the Slimpods, drinking lots of water and fruit teas.

Hope you ladies are all feeling as positive as me and look forward to reading your updates.

Karen x