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Friday, 15 July 2011

What If We Didn't Have Teeth?

Teething - why does it have to hurt so much? My poor little baby went to bed and woke up 40 minutes later screaming in pain.  She only ever wakes up if teething or poorly and it will be in the evening not the middle of the night.

Earlier today I noticed the amount of drool had increased significantly so guessed a few might be on their way. She has had the required amount of medicine.  She has had Ashton & Parsons and she has had the gel. When I put the gel in her mouth I could feel her top gums were bulging,  I think perhaps two might be trying to force their way down inside her mouth.

What next?  I havebeen in three times. I have given her a little cuddle, I have laid her down and ssshhh patted her bottom and she has settled for a while.  I hope that's it but don't believe it will be.  Oh and she has been wearing one of those amber teething necklaces for a week too.

Children go through all this pain to get their teeth and then they just all go and fall out!!  They then get adult teeth which are bigger...does that mean more pain?  Then when you get older they just fall out again. Its just horrible! It got me thinking what if we didn't have teeth?

Obviously we would have difficulties eating, which would be a problem. So then I started thinking what we could do instead.

Maybe we could all be born with full size adult ones which never fall out.....but then breast feeding would not be an option so I guess that wouldn't work.

Maybe we could all just get given a set by the Dentist when you get to a certain age.  Of course they would never need treating and would not fall out.  That would be fantastic!

Oh dear, she is screaming again so that's the end of my hypothetical what if's and I'm off to check her.  All teething advice welcome

Karen x