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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Thinking Slimmer - Can It Really Be That Easy?

It is Day 21 of my Thinking Slimmer experience and wow what an experience.  At the start I was a little sceptical.  I thought how on earth can listening someone's voice change the way I think and help me lose weight. On top of that I was thinking if its that easy than why on earth do we have a problem with obesity in this country?

I was lucky enough to be sponsored by Thinking Slimmer and after talking to the lovely Sasha we decided I should try the Drop A Dress Size and the Chocoholic Cure Slimpods.  I was initially on a high protein/ low carbohydrate diet but was told to ditch that and just listen to my Slimpods each night.  I was bit worried about doing that but did as she asked.  I downloaded my Slimpods including the free chill out one that was included and started my journey.

Now I am not claiming to have dropped a dress size in 21 days (in fact after re-introducing carbohydrates back into my diet I actually put on a few pounds first) but I do believe I am on my way to doing just that.  For me, it has been smaller things I have noticed that I know will lead to weight loss.

First there has been the reduction in appetite: I eat smaller meals, do not snack and don't crave chocolate any-more.  I have eaten it twice in the past 21 days but it did not make me want more or even think wow chocolate!.  I have started to slow down whilst eating, actually tasting and enjoying my food. I am also fancying lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

An added bonus I have discovered is improved sleep which obviously has a dramatic effect on my mood too.  Finally I just appear more confident and happy about myself.  Twice in the past week I have had comments along the line of "you look really good" even though I have not had a substantial weight loss!

I am going to keep on listening to my Slimpods each night and I will report back in another few weeks.  I am certain that I will be able to report a good weight loss.

It really is easy. You just listen to them each night before you go to bed. Nowadays I rarely make it past the first few minutes before I am in the most delicious deep sleep. This has got to be a much healthier way than the constant yo-yo dieting I am used to.  As a Mum to two gorgeous little girls, I want to set a good example to them by eating a healthy balanced diet.

Don't just take my word for it though.  You really should try them for yourselves.

Karen x

Please note that although I was sponsored to trial the Chocoholic Cure and Drop A Dress Size Slimpods all words are my own!