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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Musical Instruments Bring The Family Together

I am a great lover of old fashioned wooden toys and if there is a choice between wooden or plastic I would always go for the wooden ones. I was therefore thrilled to be approached by Wooden Toy Shop to do a toy review.

Bamboozled by the huge array of beautiful wooden toys, I decided to show my eldest daughter the website and let her chose something herself to review. She immediately selected the John Crane Tidlo Musical Instruments. Not a huge fan of noisy toys, in the past I have always refrained from buying this type of toy.  However, we do go to a music group every week which both girls absolutely love so I decided to give in and said "of course, great choice."

This 14 piece Wooden Musical Set costs £28.79 and includes:

  • 1x Tambourine
  • 2x Castanets
  • 2x Maracas
  • 2x Paddles
  • 2x Rhythm sticks
  • 1x Scraper
  • 2x Bells
  • 1x Triangle
When they arrived I was thrilled to discover that they come in fantastic box which has a magnetic lid and a shoulder strap. This is a great selling point and should be perhaps included in the description. It is perfect for keeping them nice and tidy. After all you wouldn't want toys like this to be thrown in the bottom of a toy box! They are gorgeous, traditional wooden instruments and are very well made. They were also very well wrapped too so arrived in perfect condition.

They are aimed at children 3+.  While Poppy fits the age bracket, Rosie is officially too young. However, having been using instruments like these since she could hold them in the music group, she knew exactly what to do and couldn't wait to get them out. I think you can tell in these photos:

This has been a fantastic toy for us to trial and the whole family have had fun doing it. Check out this short video clip to see how much this box of gorgeous wooden instruments has brought the family together:

If you are holding back on buying musical instruments because you think they are too noisy, don't.  These are perfect and bring hours of fun to the whole family. We love everything about them. I am so pleased I gave in to my little girls and would definitely recommend them to others. They get a massive 10/10 from us. 

Karen x