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Sunday, 11 September 2011

09/11 A Mark Of Respect

 I could not end the day without a mention for the horrific events of September 11th 2001.

Ten years ago I was living in Southsea and working In Portsmouth. I worked in a hospital as an Assistant Psychologist for the neuro-psychology Department. There was no TV on the ground floor and we all went about our business doing our work. For some reason I finished work a little early and headed off home. I had not yet passed my driving test so caught the bus. Oblivious to anything, it appeared like any other day.

I flat shared with two other girls. One who owned it (SJ) and one other. I hadn't even got my key in the door when SJ pulled it wide open, tears streaming down her face. She asked me if I had seen the news and I told her no. The TV was on and she showed me what had happened. We watched it together. At this stage only one of the twin towers had been hit but as we were watching it the second tower was hit too. We were in shock. Things like this just don't happen everyday it was huge! We hugged, tears falling and she told me how it had felt being at home alone and seeing the events unfold. She had previously lived in New York and was about to head out to New York for a job interview within a few weeks too.

I think almost everyone can tell you what they were doing that day. Its one of those things that will stay with us forever. My thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones during this horrific act of terrorism. The towers made have faded from view but the events of that day and victims will never be forgotten! We can only hope nothing like this ever happens again.

Karen x