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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A skincare Miricle?

This is my second post this week supporting and promoting National Eczema Week. If you didn't know about it or want to learn more then please click here.

The National Eczema Society are trying to keep awareness high for children and adults that have severe eczema. This week especially, there is a focus on  adults who can find it physically and mentally debilitating to the extent they are unable to work.

This post is a follow on/ update on a review I did a few months ago on Eternal Skincare Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser.

Eternal Aloe Skincare is the result of three years of research and development. It is "a luxuriously rich hydrating cream particularly suitable to those with dry skin conditions".

It is available in a large 225ml pot from £30 or a 12ml mini for £3.50. I originally  received a 12ml mini fragrance free pot to try. I thought it was rather  lovely but commented that I would have liked a bigger pot as I could not do a full review on the effects on reducing my eczema.

Lucky for me they liked the review which you can read here and did indeed send me the larger pot to try. This was completely unexpected and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to trial it properly. I was very grateful as this cream really is rather lovely. After using it for a longer period all over my body and on my daughter I can safely say my first review did not do it justice (which I did originally say I thought would be the case).

Free from parabens and other controversial stabilisers (thought to increase risk of cancer), it contains a high concentration of organically grown aloe leaf juice. This has traditionally been used as a natural remedy to soothe, soften, moisturise and heal skin. It combines all the beneficial effects of Aloe Vera with other natural ingredients including, Chamomile, Green Tea, Shea Butter, Rose hip oil and Calendula extract.

This product is very natural and is not bulked out with water. It feels lovely and smooth, is easy to apply and absorbs into the skin quickly too. It does not really smell of anything but being so natural I wouldn't expect it to. It is suitable for all skin types from young and supple to mature and delicate. You can use it all over your body including the face.

I have used this on my skin with fantastic results but the most dramatic has been on my eldest Daughter's skin. She was suffering from eczema quite badly at the start on her face, stomach, back and tops of her arms.  Within a few days of using this, her skin no longer looked red and sore and after a week it was practically gone.

I think this cream is pretty miraculous and we give it a huge 10/10. I will be definitely be buying more.

Karen x

For the record I was provided with 225ml tub for the purpose of this review but all words are my own.