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Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday MumenTum

Ok it is that time of week again when we all catch up and post how we have been getting on with our plans to shape up. As you know my Husband has been home for 5 weeks over the Summer and my healthy lifestyle has taken a nose dive. I ate ice cream and chocolate, drank wine and did no exercise, unless of course you count the walks, days out and running around on the beach with the girls. Maybe I did do a little bit!

Last week I set myself 3 easy goals
How did I do? Well I must admit I did not manage the exercise bit but I did do the other two so two out of three is not too bad!

Since listening to the slimpods again I am feeling much more positive and am ready to shape up for Christmas! This week I am going to be strict with myself.
    1. I am going to weigh and measure myself
    2. I am going to wear my hotpants every day for a min of 30 mins
    3. I am going to exercise in them at least 3x this week
    4. I am going to listen to my slimpods every night
    5. I am going to continue with less coffee more water  
Watch this space and I will let you know how I get on next week.
Hope you are all doing well this week and I am looking forward to reading all your posts. Together we can do it.

Karen x