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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Gallery - Guilty Pleasures

When I saw that this weeks topic over at the gallery was guilty pleasures I knew immediately what I would write about.

With two gorgeous little girls it easily has to be shopping!!

Girls clothes are so pretty. I love everything girly and of course pink!! A little bit of purple is creeping into their winter wardrobes but most of it is pink: bright pink, light pink I don't mind. Spotty, stripy or plain it does not matter as long as it is pretty. You will not find any trousers in there or anything too grown up, most of it is traditional girls dresses, and pretty cardigans, funky tights and tutus.

The top shelf of Poppy's Wardrobe

Lots of dresses for Rosie too
They each have a denim skirt and dress but no jeans for these girls. There is plenty of time for that! I am really fussy with colours too and can not stand all the browns, oranges and dull colours that appear to be in the shops this season. No I want to keep my little girls looking like little girls, pretty, girly and young, after all they are only 3 years and 14 months old.

I live in the middle of nowhere on the coast in South Devon and while it is very pretty the main drawback is that there are no shops to indulge in my guilty pleasure, probably good for our bank balance! Instead I resort to the internet. I love it when the girls are asleep, I settle back with either a glass of wine or cup of coffee and browse my favourite sites, purchasing when I see something I love.

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Karen x